First impression: My Girl

The Girl 99分女朋友 drama poster

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 99分女朋友
Original network: Youku

The drama is about a pair of childhood schoolmates reunited after decades and both are living with respective mental conditions after the incident leaving the scar of Meng Hui (Li Jia Qi)’s face which is caused by Shen Yi (Zhao Yi Qin).

The incident

Meng Hui is a little princess at home and angel at heart, she always approach Shen Yi who look down and being bullied in school. She offer him food as his mother did not pay more for the lunch in school and when his school bag tore apart, she gave him her used school bag to use.

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He accidentally disfigured her while standing up to the bullies. The scar on her face was deep and huge which caused mental issue for both of them especially the young Shen Yi. Sui An (Fan Zhi Xin) is always there to be the pair of listening ears for Shen Yi but I feel like there is another story behind it.

Delusional disorder

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Meng Hui was diagnose with delusional disorder which means she will change into another personality under extreme stress. The person she turn into is what her inner voice wants to achieve. Only after she got what she wants, the ‘person’ will leave and she will resume back to normal.

Cosmetic company, LS

LS is established by Shen Yi for the sole purpose to develop a foundation that can cover scar completely. The company is burning money every day and still trying to find the magic combination to produce such foundation.

Shen Yi who is a young and capable CEO with multiple companies across different verticals but stingy and calculative to the cent. His purpose of setting up LS Cosmetic to produce the foundation and help the girl to cover up the scar.

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To increase the fame of the company, they started a variety show to cast their final ambassador. Meng Hui got herself in as the make up artist for the show.

Cross path

Meng Hui’s psychologist friend Ah Tao (Pu Tao) is the only person who knows her condition. Due to the other personality of Meng Hui caused inconvenience to Shen Yi, Ah Tao told him the entire story and her condition.

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Every time she changes, they need to find out what is the ultimate aim of the personality and how they can help her achieve that and resume back to normal. The second personality wants to date Shen Yi and so, they need to check off the list of dating 101.

Protecting her

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The crew has no more manpower to be on the front line of the show and pushed Meng Hui to be part of the episode where they have to melt their make up on screen. Delusional Meng Hui did not know she has a huge scar on her face and was in shocked when she saw it on stage.

Shen Yi was pretty annoyed by her but once he saw the scar, he knew she is the girl he disfigured and went to protect her. Granting all of her wishes.

How will the story continue and is she the right person he is finding?