First impression: My Holo Love

My Holo Love Season 1 Netflix Original K Drama

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance

Native title: 너와 나 혼자 야
Original network: Netflix

Han So Yeon (Go Sung Hee) is a marketer in a glasses company for 5 years yet she always work alone and did not mingle with her colleagues as she suffers from prosopagnosia (the inability to recognize faces).

Go Nan Do (Yoon Hyun Min) founded the IT research company and one of the utmost secretive product is ‘Holo’. His stepsister, Go Yoo Jin (Choi Yeo Jin) held a conference to potential investors and after the event, man-made accident occurs to steal ‘holo’ which is a spectacles.

How So Yeon receive Holo

While being chased, Yoo Jin took advice from Holo to slip the glasses into passerby So Yeon’s bag. So Yeon was in shocked at first and think that Holo is a spirit and after she was convinced by the technology, she refuse her help thinking it is a scam.

Tech GIF

Changes to Holo

After Holo hung out with So Yeon, his behaviour changed and he want to stay by her side which is nearly impossible based on the zeros and ones (0101). Nan Do wants to take back Holo but also want to find out if his perfect product has any error and what is happening.

Netflix GIF

Since So Yeon has prosopagnosia, Nan Do accept the advice that Holo gave and she became the beta testing. Nan Do move next to So Yeon and installed technologies to eavesdrop every conversation his neighbour made.

For those who are curious, the full drama is available on Netflix and you can binge watch it.

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