First Impression: My One in a Million 我的万里挑一


No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Romance

Original network: Channel 8
Native title: 我的万里挑一

Opening scene

Explaining the term “Hong Niang” 红娘 is actually a person’s name instead of a matchmaker term.

Yan Shu Yu 严书彧 (acted by Carrie Wong) is working in a family-owned matchmaking business along with her mother and brother. Her aunt pointed her as her successor and since then, she bares the huge title of a successor of the family business.

Main character meets

Kent (acted by Jeffery Xu) is a TV producer in the broadcasting station and he produce the matchmaking show “The Destine one” that Shu Yu really enjoys.

Yang Ding Yi 杨定一 (acted by Lawrence Wong) works with Kent on the same variety show “The Destine One” as the director.

Kent invited Shu Yu to watch “The Destine One” broadcast and before the show, Ding Yi bumped into Shu Yu outside the studio and end up broke her sandals.


Shu Yu and Ding Yi’s relationship can be term as: nemesis.

Interested to know how they will eventually get together.

Cameo Appearance

I’m really surprised to see all our local top MCs make a cameo appearance in the drama.

The variety series “The Destined One” 众里寻一 is a legit show that is available on toggle.

Apart from Guo Liang, we have Zhong Qing, Mark Lee, Quan Yi Fong and Vivian Lai that made a cameo appearance in the drama.

The Red Thread

So, according to a Chinese Legend Yue Lao 月老 is in charged of pulling the red thread for destined lovers together. Once the two people is connected by the red thread, it means that they are destined lovers. 

Shu Yu said to be the successor but she felt bad as she cannot see the red thread and all she have done is based on statistics and cooperation with her friend, Mi Mi, and her brother.

Someone played a prank and Shu Yu accidentally knocked her head and woke up realizing she can see the invisible red thread between people. At first she thought she was hallucinating, but…

In Episode 5. The invisible red thread between Herman (Shu Yu’s boyfriend) and Kate.

Excited to see what will happen when Shu Yu confirmed her ability to see the red thread and how she will developed relationship with Kent and her pink pig (Ding Yi).

For those who wants to watch, it is available on toggle here. They will be releasing 5 episodes every Monday.

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