Review: Pinocchio (2014)

Pinocchio Kdrama 2014

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Investigation, Crime, Romance

Native title: 피노키오
Original network: SBS

One of the top Korean drama up till now, took me almost 6 years to finally catch it but at least I caught up on it. Totally understand why it is still a hot favourite drama now.

The drama started because of a fire that lead to an explosion, the lead firefighter Ki Ho Sang (Jung In Ki) brave in but lost himself and 9 others. A man with Pinocchio syndrome said that he saw a man that looks like Ki Ho Sang and the whole world believe him. The reporters drove his family up the wall and his wife decide to suicide with their youngest son, Ki Ha Myung (Lee Jong Suk).

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After the suicide

Ha Myung survived and stayed with Choi Gong Pil (Byun Hee Bong) as his son with another identity Choi Dal Po. Gong Pil’s biological son Choi Dal Pyeong (Shin Jung Keun) and his daughter Choi In Na (Park Shin Hye) moved to live with him due to his health condition.

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In Na and Dal Po, the pair of niece and fake uncle goes to school together and work towards the same goal. To be a broadcast journalist/ reporter.

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Pinocchio syndrome

Yes, if you are not sure what is it, people who has Pinocchio syndrome cannot lie. Choi In Ha has Pinocchio syndrome and will get hiccups once she lie. Because of that, she was refused to all the interviews to be a reporter as times they use dirty tricks to get news.

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For marketing purpose, In Na was recruited to MSC as a reporter while Dal Po entered YGN as reporter. Both of them work towards the same goal as a reporter who only speaks the truth.

Uncovering the truth

Hwang Gyo Dong (Lee Pil Mo) aka Cap, is the first person to know Dal Po’s real identity and he felt bad for being one of the reporters who belief what was told 13 years ago. He left the industry briefly but join back because he want to be a reporter that only reports real news.

In the midst, Ki Jae Myung’s (Yoon Gyun Sang) appearance scares an MSC reporter who was the cameraman 13 years ago. He felt that Jae Myung is up for revenge and he went to show In Na all the footage and stories.

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In Na thread all the things happened and knew Dal Po is Ha Myung. Their short relationship paused briefly so that Dal Po can go full on his revenge plans.

Revenge and reunion

Sadly, Dal Po’s first few cases as reporter lead him to suspect that the murderer is his blood brother. Eventually his identity is revealed and the toughest decision came, to turn his brother in. Thankfully the brothers are in it together and they made a perfect upstage.

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Even that says, they had the painful goodbye after their brief reunion. One will be close behind bars and one still out trying to uncover more truth.


Deeply rooted

The revenge isn’t done and they are working towards pulling down In Na’s mother from her career as reporter. While working towards the goal using legal ways, she came to her sense and reveal the bigger monsters behind her back.

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Another thing to be grateful, Gong Pil and his family treat Dal Po as real family and even went to visit Jae Myung in jail and fill him in the 13 years of lost brother.

20 episodes, the journey of them fighting for justice and hold on to the mic in front of the camera isn’t easy and it is really interesting.

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