First impression: Ratman to the rescue

Ratman To The Rescue

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

Native title: 過街英雄
Original network: TVB

Previously mentioned that Ratman to the Rescue and The Maid Alliance will be up and running in 2020, here is the first one that comes true.

Super rat power

Oliver 唐亮星 (Sammy Leung) was not born with supernatural power but received it due to an accident that requires to “change” his ears to an ear that was on a rat. (Creepy and kind of gross, but ya.) 

Righteous reporter failed police

Yan 宋凱甄 (Priscilla Wong) always goes her own way to nab the villains which often indirectly offend the bosses. End up, she has a very bad reputation in the entire police family in Hong Kong and no other departments want her.

Private investigation company

She quit her job and joined her uncle in the private investigation firm. After knowing the hidden supernatural power that Oliver has, she use it to threaten him to work with her.

Together, they start to tackle all the bad guys out there along with the rest of the team from the private investigation firm.

Not sure how the characters will fall for each other now. So far, still unsure if I will complete the drama or not. 

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