First impression: Search

OCN's upcoming thriller drama, Search 써치

No. of episodes: 10
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Military

Native Title: 써치
Original network: OCN

The military thriller drama is set in the demilitarized zone, better known as DMZ. The unnatural death and disappearance of soldiers from the South lead a team into the zone. Yong Dong Jin (Jang Dong Yoon) is a military dog handler who is counting down to the day of his discharged was caught into the search team along with Son Ye Rim (Krystal Jung).

After sighting the unknown, human/wolf (monster) the commander order a special force team lead by Song Min Kyu (Yoon Park), Lee Joon Sung (Lee Hyun Wook) into DMZ to seize the unknown.


Back in May 1997. Search
Back in May 1997. Search

May of 1997, a team of soldiers from the South head into the DMZ for checks. They met a North Korean woman with a baby that claims to be defector. Before they are safely retreat back, the North soldiers caught up. Another team joined and next second, bullets are flying everywhere.

The woman seems to be waiting for her husband but he was struck by an unknown gas that made him into an unknown being.

25 years later – death

Mystery Death Search
Mystery death. Search

Two soldiers fulfilling their routine duties where one was attacked and certified immediately. The other soldier went missing and the temporary search team was ordered to enter the zone to find him.

Operation: Dangerous

Search First Outpost

Son Ye Rim joined the military team into DMZ in light to find the missing soldier. What she did not expect, her ex-boyfriend is in the team as well. Both Dong Jin and Ye Rim was stunned for a second when they reunited in such condition.

Search Monster

Ye Rim and Dong Jin both witness it, the attacker seems like a human. Who is it? Or what is it?

Identity revealed

Remember the baby from 1997? One of then soldier adopted her and raise her up, declare that the baby died to prevent the dilemma caused.

Ye Rim is the baby and her adopted father mentioned “That is the reason why I did not want you to join the military.”

Yerim Is The Baby From The North Search
Yerim is the baby from the North. Search.

What will happen next? After they bring him the body of the missing soldier, his blood cells starts to react abnormally. He woke up and become something powerful but ain’t human. Ye Rim was in danger and she called Dong Jin who have to decline the call order by his outpost superior.

Yerim Call For Help Search
Yerim call for help. Search.

New episodes out every Saturday and Sunday.