First impression: Sparkle Love

Sparkle Love 心动的瞬间 Drama poster

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, School, Fantasy

Native Title: 心动的瞬间
Original network: Mango TV

The drama is about an extraordinary girl, Mei Wei Wei (Ling Mei Shi) born with natural frequency and the school’s swimming legend, Mai Si Chong (Zhang Ling He). Whenever Wei Wei’s heart beat goes above 100, she will accidentally send electric to people around her. Just like cupid, the person that received it will fall for the first person they see. However, the love at first sight feeling will only last for 24 hours.

Mei Wei Wei The Extraordinary Girl Sparkle Love
Mei Wei Wei, the extraordinary girl. Sparkle Love

Cupid for friend

Mei Wei Wei help her friend Li Dai Xi (Suo Lang Mei Qi) who lay her eyes on the swimming legend, Mai Si Chong. Creating chances to make Si Chong fall for Mei Qi. However plan fails and Mai Si Chong saw Wei Wei instead.

Fell head over heels

First Shock Sparkle Love
First shock – Sparkle Love

A guy that only focuses on swimming suddenly develop another type of fuzzy feelings towards a certain girl. Si Chong starts to find hunt Wei Wei down and express his love towards her. The next 24 hours, the entire swimming club knows that Si Chong like Wei Wei and address her as his girlfriend.

The secret

Sparkle Love Cupid Current Second Wave

After 24 hours, Si Chong woke up to find his behavior weird and ridiculous. He went to find Wei Wei for an explanation but right after the situation is cleared up, she accidently shocked him again.

Almost the end of the 2nd 24 hours, Si Chong make his move and confess to Wei Wei again but ends up witnessing her biggest secret.

New episodes will be out every Wednesday and Thursday on YouTube and Mango TV site.

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