First impression: The Defected 鐵探

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No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Police

Original network: TVB

Finally, the first TVB drama is available on Netflix.

Police and thief

Another drama that focus on UCs (undercover) and potentially black cops. Four episodes into the series and it focuses on the 800 days before Seung Sing (acted by Benjamin Yuen) got shot.

Obviously, Chiu Hei Yuet, Jill (acted by Sisley Choi) is one of the UC that Matt (acted by Matt Yeung). She was saved back to the team and will continue the rest of the series as a police.

Bingo (acted by Philip Keung) is the UC that Madam Man sent out to fish the killer of her elder son.

Image result for 鐵探 bingo
Bingo having a conversation with his mother while he was an UC in the prison.

The Headquarter

In this series, you can tell who are from the Headquarters and who are from the other division based on the way they dress.

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HQs police lead by Man Hei Wa, Madam Man (acted by Kara Hui) always dress formally.

Even though they are the same rank, people from the HQ will feel superior as compared to other divisions. In the first few episodes, you will see the competitiveness within the forces.

Related image
Negotiating terms within the forces to see who is the boss of the operation.

Other cast

There are quite a number of main cast members have not made their appearance yet (at least until episode 4), so definitely more twists in the remaining episodes.

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