First impression: The Dripping Sauce

The Dripping Sauce

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Business, Family, Drama

Native title: 大醬園
Original network: TVB

Man family run soy sauce business is a century old brand in Foshan, China name Man Koon Brewery 萬冠園. Man Kai Shan 萬啟山 (Hugo Ng) and his wife Yik Dak Yung 席德容 (Mimi Kung) is the lead for the family business.

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Kai Shan clinched a huge business to work with a chain of restaurant yet it affected his health and doctor advise him to visit the city for a simple surgery.



Ha Siu Moon 夏小滿 (Rebecca Zhu) and Yip Sai Mo 葉細么 (Katy Kung) run a small delivery business in the city. When Man Cheuk Fung 萬卓楓(Matthew Ho) engaged their service, the vehicle ran into problems with the brake and all their lives at stake.

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The playful Cheuk Fung love guns and had an opportunity to test a gun. Accidentally shot Sai Mo who is delivery a cat to a restaurant. Siu Moon was triggered by it and hated Cheuk Fung, however, Sai Mo has a crush on Cheuk Fung ever since the first time she saw him.

Finding the real culprit

While hosting the Ko Family who is also an official, they serve the famous Soy Sauce Chicken on the table. However, someone added poison into the dish that caused a few people vomit. Siu Moon and Sai Mo wants to earn extra cash and work in the kitchen which ends up became the biggest suspect.


Siu Moon vow to investigate the truth and save Sai Mo out from the prison, in exchange, Man Kai Shan will grant her a wish. On the other hand, Cheuk Fung went to investigate to find out who is targeting his family.


From the official poster and the initial episodes, there will be drastic changes in drama.

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