First impression: The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0

The Exorcist Meter 2.0 drama poster

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Horror, Comedy, Supernatural

Native title: 降魔的2.0
Original network: TVB

For those who did not caught up with the first season back in 2017, it is time to binge watch it before starting your 2.0 journey. This is the first successful horror family drama that TVB did recent years and even start a drama department to focus on this genre which also produced Our Unwinding Ethos, Barrack O’Karma and current drama.

The drama is about Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma) who is a taxi driver by human eyes and chose the path as an exorcist due to the possession of supernatural powers. Mok Wai Ho aka Ho Zai (Hubert Wu) was a stone spirit, Shek Kam Dong that disappear at the end of the first season and back as the dead brother.

Almost lovers

Love GIF

Ma Gwai and his regular passenger Dr Felicity Chong Chi Yeuk (Mandy Wong) has linger between the line of friends and lovers. Ma Gwai chose the path of exorcist and decide to give up on any relationship. Still, he gave her amulets to protect her.

What is the purpose?

Flashback GIF

Ho Zai is really back or other words, he did not leave them but he went on the journey to be a exorcist for afterlife. When Ma Gwai asked why is he so cold to his birth mother, he said that he was replaced and knew after he visited them after he passed away.

Drama GIF
The cringe CG that reminds me to Harry Potter battle Voldemort scene.

Ho Zai revealed himself to prevent Ma Gwai from continuing the path as exorcist since he is pretty weak compared to the spirits/ ghost.

Little helpers

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Bui Bui Na (Moon Lau) passed after the first season and now, she is a good spirit that helps Ma Gwai out along with doll spirit Lei Lei (Kayee Tam).


There are couple of cameos to anticipate like the uncle-nephew from Come Home Love in episode 2. For those TVB drama fans can look forward to identify them while watching.

Drama GIF

Definitely will continue the drama but will cringe when I see all the cartoon-ish CG (computer graphics) they applied.

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