First impression: The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch poster

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance (I find it Comedy)

Native title: 더 킹: 영원의 군주
Original network: Netflix, SBS

Probably the hottest ongoing k-drama apart from A World of Married Couple, the long anticipated drama by Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun is finally here. Many viewers find it confusing while catching during premiere, but here are some facts to know beforehand.

Parallel worlds

Kingdom of Korea and Republic of Korea, are the two different parallel worlds co-exist in the drama.

First Impression The King Eternal Monarch

Kingdom of Korea is where Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) lives and he is the king of Korea. Imagine we are still living in the world where the royal calls the shot like the olden days. Infuse the modern world with the ruling of royals.

Republic of Korea is exactly what we know, democratic country lead by the president and his cabinet.

Another you in another world

First Impression The King Eternal Monarch

Have you ever wonder what will your life be if you are to reborn again? In the drama, you have another self in another world which can lead a totally different live you have.

#throwback to the 90s

The opening of the drama is the window to the mystery of how a flute became a key between two parallel worlds. The murder of Lee Gon’s father, the king by his biological uncle Lee Rim (Lee Jung Jin) to take over the precious legendary flute and the throne marks the beginning of the story.

Lee Rim discover a new world ‘Republic of Korea’ while he flea from killing his brother. In the other world he discover identical brother and *TADA* his plot to cover up is done. He killed the weak him from Republic of Korea and dress him up to fake his identity back home. Also killed the other world’s Lee Gon, his nephew at a young age after he failed to do so in the palace.

First Impression The King Eternal Monarch
Lee Gon was crowned as the king after the death of his father.

Mystery man

Someone saved Lee Gon from being totally killed by Lee Rim. At his last breath before going unconscious, Lee Gon pulled a lanyard from the mystery savior.

After 25 years, D-Day is finally nearing and he want to find out more about the identity of the person on the lanyard tag who is unidentified in Kingdom of Korea.

Lieutenant Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun), the date of issue of the card is on 11 November 2019.

Welcome to Republic of Korea, Lee Gon

First Impression The King Eternal Monarch

Lee Gon ride his horse in the bamboo forest and chance upon the mysterious rocks. Decide to take a leap of faith and jump across to find himself in another world. The smart king quickly realized that he is in a parallel world and start to find the owner of the card.

First Impression The King Eternal Monarch

Obvious reason, Lee Gon was nab back to the police station by Tae Eul for riding the horse on the road, obstruct traffic and unable to produce identification card.

Cute things that happened in Republic of Korea

When Lee Gon sent his precious horse to Eun Tal to take care while he is unable to provide the space for him.

First Impression The King Eternal Monarch

Found his doppelganger bodyguard and kept him alongside to ‘test the food before he eats’ and more.

First Impression The King Eternal Monarch
First Impression The King Eternal Monarch
Even the currency from Kingdom of Korea is printed with his portrait.

Welcome to Kingdom of Korea

After returning back to his palace, Lee Gon was struck with mysterious burn marks the second time while the thunder and lightning strikes. He pick up the half flute and went back to find Tae Eul.

By then, Tae Eul discover that what Lee Gon said about her police identity card is real. Things start to get confusing yet believable for her and Lee Gon appear right in front of her. Without much said, they ride the horse and back to Kingdom of Korea.

First Impression The King Eternal Monarch

Really excited for the coming episodes when we see what is like to be Tae Eul living in the world that is totally opposite.

Bromance here

For those who need visuals, here is the bromance that was formed between King Lee Gon and his bodyguard Jo Young (Woo Do Hwan).

First Impression The King Eternal Monarch
First Impression The King Eternal Monarch

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