First impression: The Man Who Kills Troubles


No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Crime, School, Investigation, Triads

Native title: 解決師
Original network: TVB

Finally another exciting intense script from TVB after Our Unwinding Ethos in August.

Story take places in Melbourne, Australia where our male lead, Ka King Chung Kars aka K (acted by Vincent Wong) is a solver for a triads leader. The lost of his girlfriend, Chloe (acted by Kelly), he was devastated and want to find out what happened.

During his last mission, he was a scapegoat for the death of his employer which is also the most powerful triad leader. He was shot skillfully in his head which ends the identity of traitor K.

Second life, O Sir

His chance of living a second life is here. The chance to totally live a brand new life, a life that he wanted to have. Kars is now a secondary school teacher which everyone address him as O Sir or Orson 敖熙辰.

First Impression The Man Who Kills Troubles

Real love or substitute

A new co-form teacher of Class 5E (the worst class) reported for work, Jovy Chan Mei Yu 蔣穎欣 (acted by Natalie) is a bright and sharp teacher who have a different teaching method as compared to Orson.

First Impression The Man Who Kills Troubles

Ever since Orson saw Jovy briefly in Melbourne, she always reminds him of Chloe. Jovy’s background is very special, she is a daughter of a triad leader in Hong Kong. Her special identity cause her to have very little friends and dating experience.

First Impression The Man Who Kills Troubles

Citizen’s solver

When the drama involves triad, there will be police as well. Man Sir Man Hou Chun 文浩全 (acted by Jonathan Cheung) is the leader of the department that focus on drug dealing.

First Impression The Man Who Kills Troubles

There are different bits and pieces of the drama that strings together in the end. Really curious what will happen in the next few episodes.

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