First impression: The Offliners 堅離地愛堅離地


No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Gaming, Tech

Native title: 堅離地愛堅離地
Original network: astro

Finally, The Offliners is able to air and Owen Cheung gets to shine again.

Brief introduction

Ding Shin Hei 丁信希 aka Hei Shen (Owen Cheung) is a IT graduate that taking odd jobs in various companies to survive. His hobby is to play various games with his group of IT friends living in the digital world.

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Faye 王子菲 (Katy Kung) is a founder of iTogether, a tech start up firm in the industry together with her co-partner/ co-founder, Marcus 許正偉 (Jason Chan).

Moment 張萊 (Moon Lau) is a nurse that Hei Shen fell in love at first sight when she happen to help him out in a supermarket. Moment is Marcus’s girlfriend, however, their relationship is at stake when it comes to commitment.

Start up – iTogether

Faye finally convinced her father to let her go and focus on the start up.

Due to an incident, Hei Shen start to have phobia when he sees Faye. Yet through various events, Faye recognized his talent and want to poach him to join iTogether with the help of Tinker 丁信恩 (Jacqueline Wong), Hei Shen’s younger sister.

Phobia trigger asthma

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One small accident that caused the phobia. Every time when Faye starts to get closer to Hei Shen, he will start to feel breathless and asthma will trigger. Really curious how they will overcome this and move the relationship a step closer.

Will definitely continue to watch as I am curious about the progress of Hei Shen and Faye as well as Marcus and Moment.