First Impression: Touch Your Heart (2019)

Genre: Romance, Legal, Comedy

This is one of my highly anticipated K Drama in 2019 and they finally release!

Totally feels like that react the scene on the bridge in Golbin.

From the teasers that tVN released, I first thought it will be a melodrama or more towards the sentimental romance. It turns out to be a Rom-Com, which is my favourite genre.

#1 Trying hard to impress

When the lead characters finally met for the first time, and I would say this is epic. Since the actress doesn’t believe that he cannot recognize her.

#2 Actress that knows nothing

To save her acting career, Yoon Seo (acted by Yoo In Na) went to beg the scriptwriter for a chance to take the lead in the drama. In exchange, she has to work in an actual law firm for 3 months.

Only then, all her flaws start to show when her manager is not with her to help.

#3 Never get her name right

For a celebrity like her, she will never expect anyone not remembering her or even forget her name. But Jung Rok (acted by Lee Dong Wook) always got her name wrong since he does not even care about her.

This pissed her off a little.

#4 Commercial Overload

I do notice countless soft branding and marketing of products in Kdramas recently. But this came in really strong and right in your face.

For a fact that I am not sure if the “hard” react of the commercials are real actual products or not.

I am growing to like this drama and hope to see more of Lee Dong Wook’s role and how she is going to break into his heart and excel in her role as a secretary.

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