First impression: Touch

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No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance

Native title: 터치
Original network: Channel A

Seo Ji Hoon made a guest appearance in the first episode as the boyfriend of a lady that Cha Jung Hyuk (Joo Sang Wook) helped on the plane. Jung Hyuk is a famous make up artist and always pursue perfection.

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Han Soo Yeon (Kim Bo Ra) is an idol trainee for 10 years and she desperately want to make it big so she agreed to join an audition program, Miracle. Kang Do Jin (Lee Tae Hwan) is a popular idol that made it to debut also a long time friend with Soo Yeon who is still a trainee in the agency.

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Almost make it

Jung Hyuk is the top make up artist and after he saw them rehearsal, he want to do makeup for Soo Yeon. End up Soo Yeon removed the make up after she failed to convince him to change a look for her as she feel that the make up is too strong on her.

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Jung Hyuk was furious to see that she did not wear his make up and want to fail her from debuting.

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Just when she made it to the Top 5 and debut under the Miracle, the agency decide to sacrifice her to cover Do Jin’s scandal that was taken by paparazzi. Within the hour, she made it to a debut list yet was pulled down almost immediately and there goes her 10 years worth of effort.

One year later

She mask up her courage and went for an interview as a make up artist in Jung Hyuk’s firm, Cha Beauty. After the blind audition she was selected to enter the panel interview but was recognised by Jung Hyuk and sent home.

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Hidden talent

Even in her trainee days, Soo Yeon was lightly praised by her make up skills and she have always like and grew interest in make up. Jung Hyuk’s team strongly approve to ask her join the team and so, she made it to the company.

On the first day, Soo Yeon went to walk around and explore the office but accidentally saw the naked Jung Hyuk in the shower.

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On her first day, the same batch girls gang up on her saying that she enter the company using special rights and no one select her to join the team. End up she went with the guys.


During the 1 year, she avoided Do Jin and went missing. Rejecting his calls and not contacting him at all. After a year, they reunited on her first case in the company and asked him to keep their acquaintance a secret.

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Do Jin kept taking any chance to go near her and until she made a confession that it will be good if he don’t appear in front of her for a while, so the pain on the very day will not trigger again.

Will definitely continue this drama to find out how she will slowly climb up and make it big as a make up artist in Korea.