First impression: Well Intended Love 2

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Contract Marriage

Native title:  奈何BOSS要娶我 2
Original network: Tencent Video, Sohu TV

For those who are like me, completed season 1 and think “what will happen after the baby?” After watching 5 episodes of the 2nd season, I’ve conclude that it is living in a parallel world. The 2nd season has no relation to the 1st season apart from having the original cast and exact same names with the same ideal of contract love.

For those who did not catch the 1st season, no worries, you can watch this and will not miss a link or probably (0.00001%).

More budget

As compared to the first season, the second season seems to have way higher budget for the production from the set to the wardrobe of the cast.

Xia Ling (Simona Wang) start off as a rising actress in China and also best friend with the famous actor Chu Yan (Ian Yi). Some memories flash and she spotted Ling Yi Zhou (Xu Kai Cheng) during a party and find him familiar.

Xia Lin went to ask Yi Zhou if he know her and the situation was a little intimate and it was caught by a hidden camera nearby. The incident quickly escalates to a PR mess.

First Impression Well Intended Love 2

Negotiation went out of control

Xia Lin went to find the busy CEO Ling Yi Zhou thinking that is her last resort to solve the PR mess. He agree to help her and will have control of everything. Convinced Xia Lin turn up at the press conference dressing well and Yi Zhou announced to the world that they are engaged.


Yi Zhou’s right hand man, Wen Li (Huang Qian Shuo) who is his personal secretary have a love line with Xia Lin’s best friend Jia Fei (Liu Jia Xi) who is a scriptwriter. The previous season, their romance starts to bubble pretty late but this season it escalated quickly.

First Impression Well Intended Love 2

Jia Fei is pregnant.

Quite interested to find out what is more to the second season. Based on the interviews they had with the cast, there will be richer romance for all 3 couples and the additional couple will make the show more intense.

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