First impression: You Are My Destiny

You are my destiny, China Drama 2020

No. of episodes: 36
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native title: 你是我的命中注定
Original network: Tencent Video

Another remake drama from the Taiwan Classic Idol Drama Fated to Love You, Korea and Japan also did the remake subsequently. Now, China continue the classic rom-com story but as usual, with a slight twist.

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The drama begins with two couples on board a cruise ship, one with intention to propose and one in hope that her boyfriend can love her a little more. Things happened and their partners are not with them.

Betray and revenge

Wang Xi Yi was ditch on the cruise after he planned out the perfect romantic proposal for his long time girlfriend Shi Anna (Jinna). Anna choose to be the odette and flew to Europe instead of spending time with Xi Yi.

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Chen Jia Xin (Liang Jie) max out her credit card just for the cruise trip with her boyfriend but turns out, he bring another stranger to the room and the bed. Wang Xi Yi (Xing Zhao Lin) as the neighbour knew the scheme and drag Jia Xin to catch them on the act.

Since Xi Yi is alone, he decided to help Jia Xin to take revenge. He pay professionals to create a beauty and he constantly inject confidence.

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Show marriage

Busy with the revenge plan, Xi Yi forget to stop the proposal plan. When things is right before their eyes, Jia Xin helped Xi Yi to do an act. But they did not know the marriage certificate they’ve signed is legally accepted.

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Too drunk and happy after the entire cruise ship celebrate their love, they woke up undress next to each other.

Accidentally Pregnant

Both of them think that they can go back to their normal lives after the accident on the cruise. But they are wrong.

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Wanted to end everything and fly to Brahmas to get a divorce. But things gone out of the way.

The drama is currently ongoing and air every Tuesday to Thursday.

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