First Script Reading – Moments of 18


Just right after I really complete Produce 101 Season 2, here comes a good news. Ong Seung Woo’s first main lead role in a drama.

The casts gathers together for their first script reading (aka table reading) for Moments of 18 (working title) that will be looking into lives of the inexperienced youth.

First Script Reading Moments Of 18

Choi Joon Woo (act by Ong Seung Woo) is a mentally strong 18 years old boy yet he is not at his best when it comes to expressing his inner thoughts and feelings. Loner yet Joon Woo has the adorable side of him to show.

First Script Reading Moments Of 18

Yoo Soo Bin (act by Kim Hyang Gi) is a high-achieving individual who grew up under her ambitious mother’s management. One that is able to perform well but have no idea what will be there for her in the future, no dreams no nothing.


Oh Han Kyul (act by Kang Ki Young) is the homeroom teacher who is both irresponsible and inexperience, in another word, he is not passionate nor have the heart of a teacher. In Moments of 18, he will be growing because of his 18 years old students.

Ma Hwi Young (act by Shin Seung Ho) is the perfect boy on the outside who has a dark twist that will only be reveal after transferring into the same class as Choi Joon Woo (act by Ong Seung Woo).

Just remembered that I saw a fan commented they are afraid that Fantagio (Ong’s agency) will debut him as an actor instead of idol since they are famous for having visual actors. Either way, he is a talented person and will make his way in the industry.

As for Kang Ki Young, really anticipate his performance as the homeroom teacher. He left a strong impression since What’s wrong with secretary Kim and outside of drama, him as a fixed member in Village Survival, the Eight.

The drama will air at the end of 2019.

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