Highlights from 9 and 10 of ‘Crash Landing on You’

Crash Landing on You, highlights from episode 9 and 10

Episode 8 end up in a major “?” that made me go crazy thinking about what is next, who caught Se Ri and what is their motive. In episode 9, there are series of narrow escapes but love is found and finally, after multiple attempts, Se Ri made it back to the South.


To protect or hurt

After knowing that it is Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye) and Ri Chung Ryul (Jung Hyuk’s father) doing of capturing Se Ri, Jung Hyuk spread facts and ran home upon his release from the detention center.

The affection level and conversion here is intense and both probably forget the existence of Jung Hyuk’s presence in the very same living room.

You are the one

Se Ri almost suicide in Switzerland and stranger Jung Hyuk saved her. While she was at her lowest point, she heard someone played a song and left a strong impression and gave her hope. She finally found the song name and the pianist.

Hidden confession

After knowing that the bedroom belong to Jung Hyuk, Se Ri went to rearrange his books which creates a hidden message, take every first letter of each book (Saranghae, Ri Jung Hyuk).

The final escape

After multiple attempts to escape the country, they are finally setting off on another route with the support from Ri Jung Hyuk’s father. He requested to deploy his men under 5th Company to the demilitarizes zone in the harsh winter.

Lady boss is back

The scheming family of Se Ri is back in the South plotting to seize all of her assets and her company and status in the family.

Return GIF

Showing up at your mourn with style and message sent to all your haters. Yoon Se Ri really have her own style to shut the haters out there. Her reunion with Mr Hong Chang Shik (Go Gyu Pil)’s Se Ri’s secretary is adorable and touching.

Forget about First Love

Lets roll back to the 2nd leads. Seo Dan was drunk and Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) piggyback her home being all gentleman and start to develop feelings for her.

Let’s ship this couple! They are totally adorable in their own way!

5th Company sent to the South

Jo Chul Kang (Oh Man Suk) escape his lifetime prison and went to the South to kill Se Ri. After Jung Hyuk is aware of his motive, he went to the South to protect Se Ri.

The amount of love in Jung Hyuk’s eyes. The amount of missing someone and seeing them right in front of you. Here’s to the beginning of their South’s adventure.

Jung Hyuk’s father is furious and sent his most loyal and trusted men to the South to bring him back home. I would say, I really enjoy watching them in South and anticipate more!

Kim Soo Hyun’s Cameo

Kim Soo Hyun played the role in Won Ryu Hwan (known as Bang Dong Goo in the South) from the 2013 movie “Secretly, Greatly” who is a North Korean spy living in the South. Don’t missed out this part because it was aired at the end of the episode.

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