Highlights from Ep 25 to 28 Extraordinary you


The amount of variables in these four episodes is crazy. The script is really good for all the actors and actresses. Shin Sae Mi (Kim Jin In), Baek Kyung, Haru, Ju Da and Do Hwa’s role really stands out to me.

Warnings to Haru

Dried Squid Fairy been through the phrase in Trumpet Creeper thinking he can change his fate that end up losing his love one. He then warn Haru (SF9’s Rowoon) stop thinking of changing the story, things will end the same as per the writer.

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The few second and line that Joon Hyun said to Haru is pretty dark. His expression changes immediately after the warning.

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Juda finally admits

I am so so so happy that I kept re-watching the same scene. Juda (April’s Na Eun) finally admit to Do Hwa (Jung Gun Joo) that she is self aware and she remembers what he said ever since the first confession when Haru first changed the stage.

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However, just curious why she wants Do Hwa to keep it a secret. But look at Do Hwa’s smile… “SCORE!” But it is a bittersweet one.

Baek Kyung confess love

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Baek Kyung (Lee Jae Wook) is a known jerk to Dan Oh, but he slowly fell for her and confirmed his feelings in shadow. Now, its his moment to stand for himself.

Haru changes story again

This is the 3rd time Haru managed to change the story for Dan Oh. But is that is good thing?

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Saddest proposal

Baek Kyung’s proposal is not able to escape in the end but the writer wrote in Haru to witness it all. All three of them are sad yet unable to change anything.

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More variables

The new transfer student was from Trumpet Creeper which is the love of Dried Squid Fairy. She also prove another variable. Character that die in stage will disappear forever. If they die in shadow, they will lost the self awareness.

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The real killer

Devastated when Kyung realized he was the one that killed Dan Oh in Trumpet Creeper pull the plug on her in Secret.

Bonus: Overly attached Do Hwa

Super cute when Do Hwa is displaying overflowing bromance here.

Highlights From Ep 25 To 28 Extraordinary You

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