JTBC confirm Jung Hae In and more to join Jisoo and Kim Hye Yoon for upcoming drama

Jung Hae In and Blackpink Kim Ji Soo confirm for the leading roles for JTBC Upcoming drama, Snowdrop.

JTBC confirms that Jung Hae In, Jang Seung Jo, Yoon Se Ah and Jung Yoo Jin will be joining Blackpink’s Kim Jisoo and Kim Hye Yoon for the upcoming drama Snowdrop 설강화.

The drama set in 1987 of Seoul, South Korea. A love story between Im Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) and Eun Young Cho (Blackpink’s Kim Jisoo) that has an encounter that drew them closer.

Cheerful Eun Young Cho fall in love at first sight when she spotted Im Soo Ho at a social gathering. The guy that grew up in Germany suddenly dashed into a female dormitory covered in blood. Eun Young Cho recognized him and helped him to hide and even treat his wounds.

Kye Boon Ok (Kim Hye Yoon) is a phone operator at the dorm who has no choice but to give up education due to her family financial situation. Pi Seung Hee (Yoon Se Ah) is a strict and terrifying figure, the housemother in the dormitory.

Lee Kang Moo (Jang Seung Jo) is the head of the National Intelligence Services (NIS) that follows strictly by the book. Jang Han Na (Jung Yoo Jin) is an NIS agent who is passionate about her job, just that she is a little hot-tempered.

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