Jung Gun Joo made a special cameo in True Beauty

Jung Gun Joo - True Beauty with Moon Ga Young

Another star from Extraordinary You made a special cameo appearance for tvN’s rom-com True Beauty. Jung Gun Joo made a cameo in episode 7 of True Beauty as a baseball player, Ryu Hyung Jin. Ryu Hyung Jin is a star player of a baseball club in Busan and he has a strong Busan accent as well.

Unlike Lee Jae Wook and Kim Hye Yoon who made the cameo based on their characters in Extraordinary You as Baek Kyung and Eun Dan Oh, our forever second lead Lee Do Hwa is not coming back on screen.

Check out the cuts here

New episodes will be out every Wednesday and Thursday, English subtitles are available on Thursday and Friday.

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