KBS decided not to air ‘School 2020’ due to casting issue

Kim Yo Han Oui Photoshoot

As a ONE-IT, I feel like this is another blow for Yohan who is looking forward to this opportunity given to him after X1 was disband. Every single interviews he had ever since, will definitely mention ‘School 2020’ his first acting role.

Previously they first cast Ahn Seo Hyun but it took a nasty turn and went down south after which they revealed that she was removed due to her father’s issue with KBS. Kim Sae Ron was in talks for the role after that which made countless fans happy and WJSN’s Eunseo is in talks for another role too.

On 14 April 2020, KBS announced that they will not air ‘School 2020’ and currently the production company is finding alternatives. School 2020 is originally set to start filming in March and will air in August.

(I just hope that the drama will not be killed and they will see light at the end of the tunnel.) #yohanfighting

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