Kim Ji Suk, Jung Gun Joo and Jung So Min are in talks for an upcoming romance drama

Jung Gun Joo, Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk in talks for upcoming romance drama, Monthly House

Kim Ji Suk, Jung So Min and Jung Gun Joo are offered roles in the upcoming JTBC romance drama ‘Monthly House’ 월간. The drama is about a home searching journey that sparks romance on the way. A man who wants to buy a house and a woman that lives in one. They work as editors of an home magazine and the story begins.

Kim Ji Suk is offered to play Yoo Ja Sung who is the CEO of a real estate investment company and the magazine company ‘Monthly House’ who create his own wealth. He is a man who is willing to go the extra miles to learn and make a better life.

Jung So Min is offered to play Na Young Won who is an experience magazine editor who is living in a rented home along for a decade. Her home is the only comfort zone but it changes when she met Ji Suk and start to embark on the house search journey.

Jung Gun Joo is offered to play Shin Kyum, a professional photographer and a camping fanatic. Living by the principles of YOLO (You only live once), Shin Kyum rejects working and taking over his father’s business and choose to be a photographer. Shin Kyum and Young Won are convenience store partner and neighbor.

Interested to see their chemistry and the storyline looks good. Jung So Min is currently starring in the ongoing drama ‘Fix You’ and Jung Gun Joo is starring in the tvN’s Rom-Com ‘Oh My Baby’.

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