Kim Min Jae, Park Gyu Young at table reading for the upcoming Korean drama

An upcoming KBS drama, Dali and the Cocky Prince (previously known as Dali and Gamjatang) reveals their first script reading scene prior to the drama premiere.

Dali and the Cocky Prince – Script Reading

Starring Kim Min Jae, Park Gyu Young, Kwon Yool, Hwang Hee, Yeonwoo, Woo Hee Jin, and more actors.

The romance drama is between Jin Moo Hak and Kim Dal Ri. Dal Ri is the art director of Chungsong Art Museum and Jin Moo Hak tries to steal an art piece from the museum. Moo Hak’s family has a small food and beverage empire based on selling gamjatang (spicy pork both), he is a director but is far off from intelligent ever since young. Dal Ri is a woman with charisma, fluent in seven languages, and enjoys arts, and philosophy.

The drama is set to premiere on 29 September, every Wednesday and Thursday.

Meanwhile, you can check out the ongoing drama The Devil Judge that Park Gyu Young is in. And Kim Min Jae’s previous romance drama, Do You Like Brahms?

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