Korean Beer House, Seoul 대한맥주집

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Enjoying the meal that most locals love, Chi-Maek (which is Fried chicken and Beer)!

Lucky for us, there is a famous Chimaek place near our apartment which is within 15-20 mins walking distances.

Native name: 대한맥주집 (Daehan Maekju jib)

Address: 70-4, Myeongnyun 4-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Check out more reviews and exact location here: MangoPlate

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Credits: @blairlhx
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A pint of the beer only cost us 4,000 won. Credits: @blairlhx

Order a pint of cold beer which cost 50-60% lesser compared to Singapore is really a good deal. Enjoying the cold beer in Winter is amazing, because the beer will never “tear” from the burning weather.

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Tourists friendly menu! Credits: @blairlhx
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The side dish (or banchan) that they served before the mains, Scorched rice. Credits: @blairlhx
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Honey Garlic Potato, 6,500 won (around S$7.80). Credits: @blairlhx

Honestly, this is not the best fries I’ve eaten. It is less crispy on the outside and missing that crunch. However, the sauce is really interesting.

We taste mainly the honey, garlic component is the seasoning powder which they give pixel dust amount only.

Img 1053
Fried chicken with magic seasoning, 15,000 won (around S$18). Credits: @blairlhx

You do need to wait for awhile before the fried chicken is serve since they prepare it only when you order. Fresh fried chicken really taste amazing!!! I Guess this is the best fried chicken I had in Korea, super tender and juicy.

Question, where is this place? I remember walking and turning quite a fair bit in the alleys.

Img 1038
Entrance of the humble beer house. Credits: @blairlhx

We had to wait for a while before there are tables available, and it was late at night, around 11:30 pm. Really amazed by the crowd that last even after midnight.

If I ever going back Korea and crave for good fried chicken and local beer, this is my TO-GO place!

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