Lifetime confirm prequel for Mermaid Prince with Astro’s Moonbin, SF9’s Hwiyoung and more

Astro's Moonbin, Chae Won Bin and SF9's Hwiyoung confirmed for Mermaid Prince 2 (aka Mermaid Prince: The Beginning).

Lifetime confirm that they will begin filming a prequel for Mermaid Prince in September and will likely to premiere the web drama in November. Yes, it is prequel and not sequel as the title will be Mermaid Prince: The Beginning 인어왕자2.

The second season will be what happens before Woo Hyuk (Astro’s Moonbin) became a bed and breakfast host. Throwback to his high school days and uncover his secrets and expects a mischievous Woo Hyuk.

Yoon Gun (SF9’s Hwi Young) is cold on the outside but his true self is a real romantics and only to one person. Jo Ara (Chae Won Bin) is a person who doesn’t believe in love until she met Woo Hyuk.

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