Mary and Gong Yip – Happily Ever After? 開心速遞


Finally together after more than 100 episodes!

The love line between Mary Hung Yeuk Shui and Gong Yip (龔燁) started after the scriptwriter match Chun Bok Si (博士) with Mandy.

Background story

Up till the recent story, Mary Hung has a total of 3 love lines.

  • Chun Bok Si (博士)
  • Max Lung
  • Gong Yip (龔燁)

Bok Si and Mary – Friendzone

Mary Hung Yeuk Shui and Chun Bok Si are the main (original) cast in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold since episode 1 and they are by right a couple, by left the scriptwriter wrote in the role of Mandy (Yeuk Shui’s friend).

Mandy ended up with Bok Si after he started being her knight. Viewers love this new ship that brings them to a very stable relationship in the drama, and they eventually was written off the drama to focus on other filming. (Will update in another post)

Max and Mary – Not fated

This is the first relationship that Mary Hung is in (in the drama) with the eldest son of the Lung Group.

It was stable in the beginning, after a few episodes they starts to show the hiccups and obstacles she have to go through for dating a rich man’s son.

Eventually, they broke up because Max have to marry another rich girl for family connection.

Here comes the hero

Ever since she broke up with Max, she was pretty much single and here comes Gong Yip. The marathon of the enemy to friend to admire took a long while.

Finally in Episode 534, they are together!!!

Almost broke up

Of course there will be more adventure after they are together, I mean obstacles they will have to face in the future episodes. But here’s the first hurdle after they got together.

Personally, this is my favorite couple in the drama and I hope the scriptwriter will not write either of them off.

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