New TVB drama ‘Power Envoy’ will commence filming soon

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A new fantasy action drama Power Envoy 超能使者 will be commencing its filming very soon. The drama is said to be 30 episodes long and cast includes Ruco Chan, Natalie Tong, Joel Chan, Grace Wong and more.

After A Fist within four walls and Chinatown, Ruco Chan, Natalie Tong, Joel Chan and Grace Wong will work together in another action drama.

Ruco Chan Joel Chan And More At The Blessing Ceremony Of Power Envoy
Ruco Chan, Joel Chan and more at the blessing ceremony of Power Envoy

Ruco will be acting as a masseuse, Zhong Siu Lien 鍾孝年 and will unlikely be involve much among all the action that will be going on during the drama. Moon Lau will be a homemaker Ding Shu Min 丁淑敏 in the drama after marrying Zhong Siu Lien and with superpower. More focus are commit into Ruco’s debut in the music industry and pursue what he always wanted to do.

Natalie Tong, on the other hand, will have tonnes of action scenes portraying her role as an ‘extra’ actress with superpowers. However, she will have love line with Siu Lien and wonder how the triangle relationship happens.

Joel Chan will be acting as a couple with Tiffany which he said she acted as her daughter in ‘Big Steps’ 大步走 previously and jokingly said next time will be his girlfriend. Later added jokingly that Tiffany might act as his mother in the next role. Jazz Lam is the twin brother of Joel Chan.

Premiere date of the drama will definitely not happen in 2020, so 2021?

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