One month since you left – Jonghyun

Oppa, it has been one month since you left us but I hope you are doing well. Everyone is trying to cope well with your sudden departure and we will be strong.

A lot happened while you are away and everyone hopes you receive the messages.


Through this, I see who are the brave souls out there and who really stand by you.

  • SHINee members, being appointed as the Head Mourners
  • Taeyeon’s message and post on SNS (Social Media platform)
  • IU’s dedicated message and song to the late Jonghyun on Golden Disk Award
  • Lee Hi’s breath on Golden Disk Award

I was looking forward to SHINee’s 10th Anniversary on 25 May 2018, but now it will be one less strong vocalist, one less Bling Bling on the stage celebrating with international’s Shawols.

My Favourite Songs

1. Lonely (Jonghyun ft. Taeyeon)

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault. Thank you, it’s all thanks to you. These were words you said out of habit. Even though I knew you were struggling too. You probably think I’m a fool”

2. Love like Oxygen 산소 같은 너 (SHINee)

A happy and full of hope song, which is totally opposite from “Lonely” was one of SHINee’s first few songs and love their ‘chair’ dance.

3. View (SHINee)

Written by Jonghyun and sang by SHINee. The MV scene and angle is very different from their past MV.

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You did well, bling bling.