Review: 118 – The Reunion

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Probably the final series from the 118 family in Mediacorp. From the 100s over episodes in season 1 and 2, they transition it into an hour drama from the previous 30 min airtime.

Review 118 The Reunion

Guess I really enjoyed their first season and second seems a little draggy for me and pulled myself to complete the reunion to know the ending of it.

Major difference

Mentioned above, the major difference will be the minutes per episode. Changed from 20+ to 45+ minutes per episode. Which in Singapore terms, it is a full episode time (airtime for 1 hour with commercial time).

Another difference, the added people in the cast which includes Kate Pang and Richie Koh (new face in Mediacorp).

Richie Koh acted as the love line to the youngest daughter (Yu Ye) of the 118 family. He came from a rich family in China and know Yu Ye through her live streaming. Wanted to experience the love that family gives, he came to Singapore and stepped into the humble coffee shop in Tiong Bahru, 118. The story continues…

As for Kate Pang, she acted as a mentally disabled old getai star searching for her 3-year-old daughter.

What is missing

It is a pity that there’s barely scenes for Carrie (as Ke ai) and Xu bin’s (as Shun Shui) role until the final episode where they came home and celebrated the reunion with the family.

But I guess that means the relationship in the story is good and no ups and downs anymore. Since the scriptwriters kept focusing on them in Season 2.


Honestly, I will not recommend anyone to watch, especially if you are new to the series. If you are curious about the 118 family, will suggest watching the first season only.

Hope there will be better quality local series up in the future…

Rating: 🥔

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