Review: A Business Proposal

A Business Proposal Drama Poster

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Native Title: 사내 맞선
Original network: SBS, Netflix

Adapted from a web novel The Office Blind Date by Hae Hwa. Everything started with one blind date. Shin Ha Ri (Kim Se Jong) is a single woman with an office job, she helped her chaebol friend Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah) to attend a blind date which turns out to be Kang Tae Mu.

On the other hand, Kang Tae Mu (Ahn Hyo Seop) is a third-generation chaebol, a CEO of a company founded by his grandfather. The elder set up blind dates for him and he made up his mind to marry the next girl he meets, just so he won’t be disturbed again. He met Shin Ha Ri who stands in for Jin Young Seo.

Business Proposal Matchmaking
Overall, the drama is the best and clear definition of a ROM-COM. You have the rich man, poor girl. Contract relationship, strong second lead line that fall in love at first sight and more. 

The chemistry of the four main casts is apparent and especially the second leads. Seol In Ah and Kim Min Gyu's ship is sailing so smoothly that netizen is calling for a second season and hope it is real. 

Rating: 5/5 (no questions asked)

Contract Relationship

Kang Tae Mu is one that wastes no time on matchmaking and to stop his grandfather from arranging the next one, he came out with an excuse, a girlfriend he is dating for a while.

Business Proposal The Proposal

He found out that Ha Ri is not Seo Jin Young and make up a new name for herself, Shin Geum Hui became the fake girlfriend of Tae Mu in front of his grandfather. For Ha Ri, it is a chance to earn a little more money to pay off debts.

Don’t cross the line

On the other hand, Jin Young and Cha Sung Hoo (Kim Min Gyu) accidentally bump into each other outside a convenience store. It was love at first sight but Jin Young did not have the courage to ask for his number. Sung Hoo is Tae Mu’s secretary and also a close friend, after he knew Jin Young is the daughter of the big Marine Group and a chaebol, he drew a line quickly.

Business Proposal Love At First Sight

Not going according to her father’s plan, Jin Young decides to move out and not receive any financial aid from his father to declare her will. Realize Sung Hoo is her direct neighbor, she is both happy and angry by his action toward her.

Identity exposed

Shin Ha Ri is an employee in Tae Mu’s company and she tried her best to avoid him at all costs. Ha Ri’s name imprinted on Tae Mu strongly as one of the most valued researchers in the company by launching a few really good dishes for the company.

While working on the new project, Tae Mu slowly realized that Geum Hui and Ha Ri is the same person and was pretty angry but did not expose it immediately. He found out that he fell for her and want to win her heart and went all out.

Business Proposal Secret Date

Definitely not an easy chase since Ha Ri know clearly that they might not have happily ever after with him, a third-generation chaebol and a president of such a huge company. End up she gave in but the condition is that no one in the company can find out.

Especially Tae Mu’s grandfather… He likes Geum Hui but Tae Mu told him they broke up so that he can reintroduce Ha Ri to him. Will he get the chance to introduce Ha Ri? Will his grandfather like Ha Ri like how he accepts Geum Hui?

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