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Adapted from the opera Zhao Pan Er Feng Yue Jiu Feng Chen 赵盼儿风月救风尘 by Guan Han Qing. The historical drama is set in the Song Dynasty, story of a strong headed and smart woman, Zhao Pan Er (Crystal Liu Yi Fei) and her romantic relationship with Gu Qian Fan (Chen Xiao), a commander from the Capital.

No. of episodes: 40
Genre: Historical, Mystery, Action, Politics
Native title: 梦华录
Original network: Tencent Video (Available on VIU)

Little Village

Zhao Pan Er runs a little teahouse with her friend, Sun San Niang (Ada Liu Yan) who makes delicious food. Pan Er is unlike any other village woman, she is clever and able to read and write, even running a small business in the little peaceful village.

She is patiently waiting for her lover, Ou Yang Xu (Xu Hai Qiao) to come back as a scholar from the Capital and fetch her to start fresh and a family together.

Known as the living devil, Gu Qian Fan leads the famously ruthless commander team from the Capital. He was out and went to the village’s teahouse to meet up with his intel. After overhearing the conversation and know his identity, Zhao Pan Er changed face and wanted him to leave her premises immediately.

The Escape Plan

Someone wants to shut Gu Qian Fan as he is leading towards uncovering the truth. He was being assassinated at Zhao Pan Er’s teahouse and danger their lives too. Narrowly escaped, the two thought that they will never cross path again.

Ou Yang Xu’s servant went to the teahouse to deliver good news. Just when Pan Er thought that she is going towards happiness, the news of him engaged with a noble family from the Capital struck her. He still treasure their relationship and want to marry Pan Er, but she can only be a concubine and never the only wife.

Gu Qian Fan’s soldiers where killed and his intel was killed while protecting him. He struggles with countless injuries and wanted notice, try to make his way back to the Capital. Pan Er was caught in the massacre and unintentionally injured by Qian Fan.

Pan Er wants to hear the answer from Ou Yang Xu directly, Qian Fan need to hurry back to the Capital. Both of them became companion during the trip.

The Caste System

Social classes in Ancient China including noble, farmers or peasants, artisans or craftsmen, and merchants. This is set based on the teachings of Confucius.

Zhao Pan Er was kidnapped to a brothel when she was young, even though she did not sell her body and just a musician, people deem them as the lowest rank in the chain. While working there, she met Song Yin Zhang (Jelly Lin Yun) and her sister who saved her. She treated Yin Zhang as her own younger sister but when she insist on marrying a man she knew merely days, Pan Er disapproved.

Yin Zhang was tricked by the man and treated like a dog after being ‘married’ to him. After Pan Er knew that, she perform a show to save her out. Yin Zhang realised her mistake and after that, willingly follow Pan Er and Sun San Niang to start a new live in the Capital.

Starting over

Zhao Pan Er managed to locate down Ou Yang Xu, but was hit with the news that he is indeed marrying a lady from the noble family. He claimed that he was not given a choice and will still marry Pan Er but she will be a concubine.

Betrayed, hurt and devastated. Pan Er rejected him and Ou Yang Xu immediately flip his words and told her she should be satisfied to be even able to marry him, looking at her own social class.

Gu Qian Fan and his right-hand man Chen Lian (Guan Yun Peng) secretly helping Pan Er and her friends. Provide accommodation and tell them how the Capital works differently from their little village.

Going through thick and thin together, Gu Qian Fan and Zhao Pan Er fell in love. However, Gu Qian Fan is from a noble family, holding high position in the Capital and Zhao Pan Er is a mere merchant. How will they overcome this?

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