Review: A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College

A Female Student Arrives At The Imperial College 2021 Drama Poster 2

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Historical, Romance, Action, Investigation
Native title: 国子监来了个女弟子
Original network: Tencent Video, Youku

Adapted from a web novel of the same name. The drama is set in the imperial college 国子监 (which was founded in the Sui Dynasty) where Grand Marshal’s daughter, Sang Qi became the only female student in the school.

Femalestudent Rescue Moment

Yan Yun Zhi is the appointed official to oversee the school in terms of operations to even being a lecturer himself. He is a gentlemen but cold on the outside, never allow any female to stay close to him or even share a ride. But Sang Qi became the exception, initially due to her background.

First Female Student

To fulfil her late brother’s wish, Sang Qi fight against all odds for a seat in the imperial college. Of course pulling strings by her father, the Grand Marshal of the capital, Sang Qi managed to be in the list of applicants. The board members of the Imperial College isn’t please with the idea of breaking tradition and allow a female into the school. They wanted to pose another entrance exam just for Sang Qi, if she pass, she will be allowed.

However, this idea was immediately pushed back by Yun Zhi stating that it is not fair to her and why the rest does not need to take the entrance exam. That’s how Sang Qi begin her school life, but not knowing what was done before.

Trying to blend in

The school divide the students into 2 classes, one being the genius class named ‘heaven class’ and the other class mix of haughty and playful individuals. Sang Qi was allocated to the ‘yellow’ class and her childhood friend Zhou Wen Yuan (Ren Hao) volunteering to move from the heaven class.

Femalestudent Sangqi And Zhuo Wen Yuan

Yan Xiao Lang (Ao Rui Peng) became one of Sang Qi’s closest friend in the academy after multiple misunderstanding. Even though he is born with silver spoon and being the only son, Xiao Lang still choose love over family for Lian Pian (Li Xing Yao).

Truth behind his death

Femalestudent Yun Zhi Helping Sang Qi Injury

Ever since the first day, Yun Zhi knew that Sang Qi is his late best friend’s only sister. Now the only daughter of the Grand Marshal, Sang Qi definitely knows how to protect herself and even protect other. Yun Zhi was attracted to the special girl that he knows he have to protect his entire life.

Zhuo Wen Yuan is Sang Qi’s knight with his own dark secrets that is snowballing to even bigger scheme. After Sang Qi and Yun Zhi openly declare their love, Wen Yuan went overboard to get Sang Qi back.

Overall, the drama have a good storyline build up and mystery make sense. If you are interested in historical dramas, this is definitely one to catch up on.