Review: A Little Thing Called First Love

A LIttle Thing Called First Love Cdrama poster

No. of episodes: 36
Genre: Romance, School

Native title: 初恋那件小事
Original network: Netflix, Hunan TV

The drama is adapted from a Thai-movie of the same title. A story of an ugly duckling (ordinary girl) Xia Miao Miao (Angel Zhao) is a shy student who fell in love with the Mr. Perfect senior, Liang You Nian (Edward Lai Kuan Lin) in school.

Love at first sight

Xia Miao Miao’s family moved to a new place and open a small restaurant. A new transfer student and the first day of high school, she fell for the perfect and popular senior in school, Liang You Nian.

Review A Little Thing Called First Love

To create more opportunities for their chances of meeting and knowing him better, Miao Miao start to find out who he is and what he likes. Fate comes to her, Miao Miao’s classmate He Xin (Chai Wei) happens to be his cousin and she started to help them create chance to meet.

Review A Little Thing Called First Love

Looks is important

Miao Miao felt the need to change and gear up her ordinary looks to be able to stand beside You Nian. She start to transform bit by bit and pour in effort to look prettier, in hopes that he will notice.

Review A Little Thing Called First Love

Even though her passion is to learn fashion, Miao Miao’s mom forced her to take up the architecture degree in hopes to have a better future. End up, Miao Miao became You Nian’s junior even in college.

Dated briefly

Miao Miao and You Nian started dating in college and exchange countless romantic dates. However, the relationship isn’t as strong as it seems. The relationship falls apart when Miao Miao traveled abroad to be an exchange student.

Review A Little Thing Called First Love
Review A Little Thing Called First Love

Will they reunite?

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