Review: A Love So Beautiful (2017)

A love so beautiful Cdrama poster

No. of episodes: 23
Genre: School, Comedy, Romance

Native title: 致我们单纯的小美好
Original network: Tencent Video

Recently caught up with another Chinese idol drama that was available on Netflix. It was a drama that a few of my friends did ask me to watch for the longest time, promoting to me using their songs and little romance factor.

If you have caught the Meteor Garden (2018) and The King’s Avatar, you will definitely see familiar faces.


I really like the entire flow of the drama which consist of 80% their high school life and end off with what is like after graduation.

It is the typical drama which the female lead is clumsy and silly who is head over heel with the cool, smart and handsome male lead.

Review A Love So Beautiful 2017

The Confession

Ever since the first episode, you will see the drama in Chen Xiao Xi 陳小希 (acted by Shen Yue)’s point of view. Her confession to the Jiang Chen 江辰 (acted by Hu Yi Tian), the childhood neighbourhood friend of her.

Not to miss out the third leg of the typical triangle love, Wu Bo Song 吴柏松 (acted by Gao Zhi Ting), a transfer student to their class which is also an aspired national swimmer. Even though he knew that Xiao Xi love Jiang Chen, he still want to be the knight.

Review A Love So Beautiful 2017

The BFFs

The introverted Jiang Chen was pulled into the group of five friends by Xiao Xi. Lin Jin Xiao 林靜曉 (acted by Wang Zi Wei) became Xiao Xi’s best friend due to the common interest and the likeliness of their character.

Review A Love So Beautiful 2017

There are two couples born within this group of five friends. One of which involves a one-sided love that Mu Yang 陸楊 (acted by Sun Ning) have throughout the 3 years in high school.

Growing and learning

Not every relationship from high school will last. I like how the writers wrote the story that incorporate the fact that everyone discover their interest and pursue individual goals after graduating from high school.

Review A Love So Beautiful 2017

This is also why your closest friends are usually from your school days and all of you have different career (professions). Yet they are the most supportive people you will know in your lifetime.

Little things

This is what I say “actions speaks louder than words”. Even though Jiang Chen did not say anything, he is there to support and help Xiao Xi.

Review A Love So Beautiful 2017
Review A Love So Beautiful 2017
Review A Love So Beautiful 2017
Review A Love So Beautiful 2017

So, are you going to watch it soon?

Review A Love So Beautiful 2017