Review: A Perfect Man

A Perfect Man Tvb Drama 2022 Drama Poster

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Romance, Family, Friendship
Native title: 有種好男人
Original network: TVB

The romance story between Yung Yit Cheung (Joe Ma) and Charlie Yau (Ali Lee), an independent activist who did not believe in marriage and a single mother. Charlie has a 17-year-old son Woody (Ricco Ng) but still looks youthful and attractive.

Head of Security

Yung Yit Cheung is a strict and detailed-oriented man who does not believe in marriage but dating a 2 years girlfriend Tam Lai Yan (Toby Chan) who shows her desire to settle down. Every time she brings up the topic, Yit Cheung will avoid it by changing a topic or leaving the room.

After 2 years, an eligible suitor came into the picture and Yan showed directly to Yit Cheung. Both of them end up part ways as he refuse to commit. Joining a new company from his friends’ Ha Jung Chau (Tsui Wing) referral but his capability threatens the current Security Manager, Lai Wung Chi (Jimmy Au)’s position.

Core intention

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While protecting his key client Cheung Ding Tin (Cheung Kwok Keung), he met Charlie Yau who was being suspicious near the car and later, appeared in an by invitation only event. Charlie’s purpose is to get hold of an art piece Cheung Ding Tin holds and buy it over from him as per her client’s request.

Charlie became Yit Cheung’s colleague as an admin staff after Rosanna (Lenna Yeung) hired her to set rules in black and white. From being a high suspect to working alongside, Yit Cheung slowly discover Charlie’s strength and love the way she handles difficult problems.

On the other end, Charlie knew who Yung Yit Cheung was and the reason why she came back to Hong Kong, is to find out more about him.

Single Mother

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Woody secretly return to Hong Kong with his friend Terrence Cheung Cheuk Ting (Niklas Lam) but was discovered by her mother Charlie. Made and angry, she did not scold him but played a video message left from her late husband.

The relationship between Woody and Charlie is close enough for him to address him as Yau Yau instead of calling her mom. Both protective and loving, they look after of each other and scan their suitors.

Yit Cheung fell for Charlie and confirmed his feelings after he chance upon her resume and saw her martial status as single. Turns out, she was a single mother with a 17 year old teenager.

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What will happen next? Why did Charlie flew to Hong Kong to find out more about Yit Cheung.

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