Review: A-Teen 2

Playlist Studio's A-TEEN 2 Web drama poster

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: School, Romance, Friends, Webseries

Native title: 에이틴 2
Original network: Playlist Studio

This is a sequel from A-Teen, A-Teen 2 features student life in their final year of High School, the transition from 18 to 19 year old. In the sequel, we have 2 additional members, Ryu Joo Ha (Golden Child’s Choi Bo Min) and Cha Ah Hyun (Kang Min Ah).

Recently, April’s Lee Na Eun won an award in VLive VHeartbeat for her role as Kim Hana. (CONGRATEZ!) 

A slight shift in the main role, in the sequel, we are focusing more on Kim Hana instead of Do Hana (Shin Ye Eun). Her love line with Ha Min (Kim Dong Hee) is unclear since the first season, now with the addition of Joo Ha, the new transfer student, the line gets clearer.

What’s 19 like?

19 is the final year of high school, the senior in school and the most important year. Many struggle to find what they really want to learn and do in life, some struggle to even get into a college.

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Relationship, alliance

Ha Min and Ah Hyun formed an alliance to break Kim Hana and Joo Ha apart. Kim Hana confessed to Ha Min that “she liked him” before, which is a past tense. Ha Min felt hurt but change his direction in life to other goals. While on the other side, Ah Hyun slowly develop feelings for Ha Min and end up using excuse of the alliance just to spend more time with him.

What will happen to the gaming couple, Cha Gi Hyun (Ryu Eui Hyun) and Yeo Bo Ram (Kim Soo Hyun) when one starts to take study seriously for college.

Will Nam Si woo (Shin Seung Ho) and Do Hana keep up with the relationship with one focusing on basketball practices and one in art academy?

Guest appearances

Some familiar faces will be appearing throughout the drama. These faces will be familiar to you if you are good with your Kpop idols. Thanks to the newly added role, Cha Ah Hyun (Cha Gi Hyun’s younger sister), we are able to see them.

Example, Kim Min Ju from IZ One will be acting as a part timer in a fast food chain with Ah Hyun. Stray Kids’ Hwang Hyun Jin and I.N.

Decision, life choices

When they say that your high school friends are your lifetime friends, this is really real (and legit). That’s why it is not a surprise when you have a group of friends all holds a different career in life.

Really love the fan art at the end of every episode and also during the transition!


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