Review: A-TEEN

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No. of episodes: 24
Genre: School, Friends, Webseries

Native title: 에이틴
Original network: Playlist Studio

The six friends and 2 Hanas

Review A Teen

The mini web series revolves around 6 high school students and what happen at the age of 18. Not all of them study in the same class, but they are all connected because of the two Hanas. Do Hana (Shin Ye Eun) and Kim Hana (April’s Lee Na Eun). Yeo Bo Ram (Kim Soo Hyun) is the middle of everything that she was tired and sick of it at a point in time.

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Ha Min (Kim Dong Hee) is a warm sunshine boy who is smart, flirt almost all the girls in the school. However, he is he underappreciated back home.

Nam Shi Woo (Shin Seung Ho) the cool guy that don’t like to talk join the clique because he was in love with Do Hana. Cha Gi Hyun (Ryu Eui Hyun) and Yeo Bo Ram is the least favorite student since both does not excel in academic and love to hang out in the PC Bang playing games.

Slowly, the 6 friends will turn out to be almost 3 couples.

Hidden secret of Kim Hana

Kim Hana is not birth Hana but rename to Hana from Johyeon. She hated the past and want to be like Hana. The secret was revealed that almost caused the friendship of the three girls.

Review A Teen

Eighteen – that’s how I feel

The age that everyone goes through once, all the mixed feelings that the characters went through can feel very dear to all the viewers. I guess, this is the reason why this web series is so popular and even have a second season.