Review: Accidentally in love (2018)

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No. of episodes: 30
Genre: School, Romance, Comedy, Drama

Native title: 惹上冷殿下
Original network: Netflix, Tencent Video

Caught this drama that was aired in 2018 on Netflix when it is always on my recommended list.


Chen Qing Qing 陈青青 (Amy Sun) is a rich girl who don’t believe in arranged marriage and all the rules she need to obey because of her background. She escaped the city and away from her family on the day of the ceremony and head to a new town in hopes to find more clues about her parents.

Si Tu Feng 司徒枫 (Fiction Guo) aka Dian Xia 殿下 is a popular idol in China and also a rich kid that is rude and hates the rules he needs to follow due to his rich family background.

Prior the day she entered the school, Qing Qing and Si Tu Feng had one whole adventure that ends up tie their lives together. They became schoolmates and even the same table in the class.


In Disguise

To enter the school but to avoid the grandpa’s bodyguards, Qing Qing changed into a less glamorous version of herself and enter the school. In order to help her roommate, Zhang Fang Fang 张芳芳’s (Zhou Mo) dad operation fee, she found the opportunity to enter the cast to be an MV female lead. But that opportunity made her turn back into her real self but she goes by the name Qing Chen.

School’s target

Review Accidentally In Love 2018

Being the table mate of Si Tu Feng, many people target Qing Qing based on jealousy and other factors.

Gradually fell for each other

Si Tu Feng can only be himself and be comfortable only if he is around Qing Qing.

Review Accidentally In Love 2018

Found by her grandpa, terms to stay in the school is to win the beauty pageant and not expose her real identity. Her wit gathered good response but it does not land her the winning crown.

Review Accidentally In Love 2018

Almost lost hope, packed to leave. Her grandpa was moved by her speech and determination, he allows her to continue her studies with the only condition of protecting her real identity.

Overcome fear of water

The accident that causes the life of someone Si Tu Feng loved also made him the fear of water which is a huge obstacle for an idol to accept different jobs.

Review Accidentally In Love 2018

More obstacles

With 3 different identities all exposed at the same time, Si Tu Feng did not accept it immediately but gradually love it. Her grandpa did help her to test his sincerity and trustworthiness by disguise as poor and sick.

It took them a while more with some other obstacles (manmade) that brings them to the happy ever after.

Review Accidentally In Love 2018

Overall, I do think that the acting is not that polished but it is a comedy that is a fun drama, so it isn’t that bad.

Ratings: 🥔🥔

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