Review: Al Cappuccino

Al cappuccino tvb drama poster

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Triad, Police

Native Title: 反黑路人甲
Original network: TVB

The drama revolves around a struggling actor Keung Sai Lung (Vincent Wong) return back to Hong Kong to pursue his acting career. Identity switch by the orphanage with triad boss’s third son, both of them did not care about it and grew up together.

Al Cappuccino Saileung Goes Undercover

Sai Lung receive his biggest acting role to be an undercover for the police. While working with a police undercover Ko Ban (Owen Cheng) and their handler, Madam Ku Rachel (Crystal Fung).

Mysterious murder

Triad union formed by four leading gangs with 30,000 members left ‘headless’ when the boss and his two other sons got murdered mysteriously. Only sons can succeed the role, they found the hidden third son after the police contacted him.

Sai Lung enter the triad with the sole purpose to find out who is instructed the murder of Keung Family’s father and the two sons.

Keung Family

Sai Lung entered Keung Family as the third son with three younger sisters, Keung Chin Ha aka Dai Mui (Winki Lai), Mandy Keung Chin Yu aka Yi Mui (Kelly Fu) and Keung Chin Wa aka Sam Mui (Serene Lim).

Keung Family In Al Cappuccino
Keung Family in Al Cappuccino.

Even though they did not grow up together, the four of them look like they are inseparable siblings. Sai Lung knows that he is not blood related to the three sisters, but treat them like his own family.

Obstacles with the trio

The undercover and handler trio goes through many obstacles together. From changing handlers to hitting different milestones in the triad union and all sorts of cover up of their real identity.

The Undercovers And Handler In Al Cappuccino
The undercovers and handler in Al Cappuccino.


There is not chance to go ‘NG’ and repeat again. During the entire time, any error might cause them to lose their life. Heads on with the real ruthless, scheming, crazy triad characters. How Sai Lung use different various acting technics to bypass the unpredictable move.

Luk Chau (Brian Chu) as the bodyguard and Ko Ban as the brain to help Sai Lung the actor that only knows how to reference triad gang from movies.

Action! Al Cappuccino.
Action! Al Cappuccino.

Love lines

Sai Lung made four women fell for him, from black and white background. Madam Ku, Cherry (Kathy Yuen) daughter of a triad gang leader, Angel (Samantha Ko) the celebrity and Shui Shui (Angel Chiang) the female triad leader.

Nothing beats better than the relationship between Ko Ban and Keung Chin Ha. One undercover police and a triad gang big sister.

Ko Ban And Keung Chin Ha Romance In Al Cappuccino
Ko Ban and Keung Chin Ha romance in Al Cappuccino.

Perfectly orchestrated drama with a good strike of balance between comedy and seriousness. Brings me tears of joy and caught up with the serious tension while guessing what will happen next.

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