Review: All of Us Are Dead

All Of Us Are Dead Drama Poster

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Splatter film, Action, School
Native title: 지금 우리 학교는
Original network: Netflix

Adapted from the webtoon by Joo Dong Geun. The drama begins when the zombie virus spread like wildfire in the high school, students that survived are trapped in it with no way to exit. This virus soon extended to the entire city of Hyosan. Will the students survive it?

Overall the production value is translated, the storyline is intense with a build up. The cast is amazing, all the effort on make up and pre-shoot practice of 'how to act like a zombie'. 
Literally a splatter film (gore) which I did not expect, but not in a bad way. 

Rating: 4.5/5 
(-0.5 as I won't revisit the drama in the future but hope there is a season 2)

Hyosan High School

Bullying is a nightmare for the victims in school, seeing your kids being bullied in school and yet unable to do anything was way worst. Lee Byeong Chan’s (Kim Byung Chul) is a science teacher at the same school his son goes. When the bullies and victims are called for a confrontation session with the presence of parents, teachers, and even the principal. They feel threatened to even admit they are bullied.

The case was closed after the three victims nod their heads to ‘just joking around’. Byeong Chan kept a rat in his lab and seeing them fight back the bullies (the cats), he feels like it is the only solution for his son.

All Of Us Are Dead Questionning

His son became a zombie which he did not expect. He wanted him to fight the monsters and not turned into one. He kept him at home while trying to figure out a cure to bring him back. However, the infected rat is still in the school.

Spread like wildfire

All Of Us Are Dead Rat Bite

A female student that took a nap in the science lab went into the tiny room. When they say curiosity kills a cat they meant it. Byeong Chan illegally kept her in the room after knowing she was bitten by the rat. However, she managed to escape and that is how it was spread.

Love square?

Lee Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young) and Nam Oh Jo (Park Ji Hoo) are childhood close friends, literally grew up together and walk to school together. Unrequited love, Cheong San always has feelings for Oh Jo who has a crush on the popular guy in school, Lee Soo Hyuk (Park Solomon).

Really quiet and mind my own business class president Choi Nam Ra (Jo Yi Hyun) knows clearly that she has the position due to the donations her parents made to the school. But no one in the class respected her as a president and she can’t be bothered as well. Almost invincible to everyone but only visible to Soo Hyuk.

All Of Us Are Dead Spreading Fast

Since Soo Hyuk and Cheong San are classmates and good friends, the four of them stick together throughout the chaos trying to find a way out. Many friends joined them but the two brave guys lead the way.


3 mutated cases were produced during the spread of the zombie virus. Yoon Gwi Nam (Yoo In Soo) was one of the bullies at school and in life, however, he is fast and his survival instinct is strong. Quickly found out that the only way to kill a zombie is by stabbing them at their neck. He made his way through the principal office but Principal Lee Jae Yong (Uhm Hyo Sub) started to boss him around.

He couldn’t take it and killed him with the knife he was holding. Everything was caught on camera by Cheong San. The fight led to Cheong San pushing him into the zombie flood but he survived. Gwi Nam is now neither human nor zombie.

Determine to hunt Cheong San down. He bites Choi Nam Ra during one of the attacks, Soo Hyuk vow to keep her in and even tie them together. However, Nam Ra did not change even though a strong voice in her head is trying to convince her.

All Of Us Are Dead Nam Ra 039 S Instinct

Nam Ra is also neither human nor zombie. She leverages the abilities she gains as the zombie counterpart to help the group escape from one point to another.

Will they survive this together? Or, all of us are dead?

All Of Us Are Dead Cast