Review: Angel’s Last Mission: Love


No. Of episodes: 32 (each episode is 30-34 min) 
Genre: Ballet, Romance, Fantasy

Original network: KBSShin Hye Sun
Native title: 단, 하나의 사랑

Not all non-human is scary and will cause potential harm. Angel is like a fairy godmother that everyone wants but have yet to focus on them.

Explosive acting skills

I am really impressed by Lee Yeon Seo (acted by Shin Hye Sun) with all her acting skills. The pain she is trying to convey on and off the stage.

Every micro expression she made lead me to feel and resonate well with her.

Review Angel 039 S Last Mission Love

Love delivered, or not?

As the title suggest, the angel’s last mission is to give her the ability to love again.

After losing her parents at a young age, losing her sight due to an accident during her performance and the death of the uncle that brought her up.

Review Angel 039 S Last Mission Love Review Angel 039 S Last Mission Love

“His” last mission for Kim Dan is to make Yeon Seo love again. Is the mission successful?

Review Angel 039 S Last Mission Love

Life of a ballerina

Born with silver spoon, life is never too difficult for her as a ballerina. All she need to focus is to practice and brush up her skills. That also sparks jealousy from the rest.

After losing everyone kin, she have to be tougher and her walls are built higher to shield herself from the evil relative.

The highlight for the ballerina part will be the performance put up to fight for the role of “Giselle” by Yeon Seo and Nina (acted by Kim Bo Mi). I would say both acted pretty well but they are delivering different emotions and stages of Giselle.

Angel or Human?

Knowing from the beginning, romance between a human and angel might not end well. Or at least there isn’t a happily ever after mindset set for it.

Review Angel 039 S Last Mission Love

I love how Kim Dan and Yeon Seo try their best to be together against all odds. Knowing that they are fighting against “his” arrangement and there is nothing they can do apart from begging and hoping it will touch “his” heart.

The romance

Not everything is a bitter sweet love here. There are countless moments that Dan and Yeon Seo treasure the time together so much.

Review Angel 039 S Last Mission Love

Just want to spend quality time together since they are unable to alter the future.

The Ending

I like how the ending links back to how they first met. Which I love it.

Review Angel 039 S Last Mission Love

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔🥔

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