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Another good drama ended this Friday, the Apple Colada 果欄中的江湖大嫂.

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So some backstory, if you have seen this photo below, that’s the original cast of Apple Colada. Which includes Moon and Elaine that did not end up participating in this drama. No idea why Elaine end up not in the cast, but Moon gave up her role for another drama [Life on the Line 跳躍生命線] as second female lead and the director gave her role to Crystal.

Review Apple Colada

When the news came up that they release the cast and drama name, it reminds me of the first light-hearted Mafia related drama back in 2016, My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan火線下的江湖大佬. The cast they use in Apple Colada is almost the same as My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan which interest me and did not disappoint me.

The Cast


Main Cast includes Alice Chan, Tommy Kwong Leung Wong,  Eliza Sam, Raymond Wong, Crystal Fung, Mat Yeung, Andrew Yuen Man-kit.

The Story: All relates to a man

Alice was a B-list actress in Hong Kong and after entering the showbiz for 4-5 years, she marry to a Malaysian mafia at the age of 21. His brother works in the traditional fruit wholesale market in Hong Kong (it is like a distribution centre for fruits) and she hates to work among the man in the harsh environment. So she got her one-way ticket out by marrying to Malaysia.

Tommy Kwong is one of Alice’s brother’s partner in the fruit distribution stall and really look up to him. After his passing, he took over his stall and continue the business for years until Alice came back to Hong Kong after his husband kick her out.

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Initially, Alice ‘con’ her niece, Eliza, made prove and claim back his brother’s stall. With that, two women who have no prior knowledge of how to run a business there step up and cope with the harsh environment. Eliza, on the other hand really appreciate her aunt’s help to continue her father’s legacy. Not knowing what her aunt want is to sell the business and get money out of it.

Slowing bubbling to happy ending

The scriptwriter wrote it so well that I did not expect it from this drama. The story build up is so nice and it did not bore me with all 30 episodes.

Watch it if you want to find out!

Ratings: 🥔🥔🥔🥔  

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