Review: Backstreet Rookie

Backstreet Rookie Drama poster

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 편의점 샛별이
Original network: SBS

The drama revolves around Jung Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Jung), a 22 years old dropped out student who struggles to meet the end of the day after her father passed away. She has a crush on Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) after he saved her and Kang Ji Wook (Kim Min Kyu) when they were young.

One day, Dae Hyun’s family run franchises convenience store hits manpower issue and Saet Byul walks in to apply as a part timer.

Bad first impression

Dae Hyun was ditched by his then girlfriend, on his way home he met three troubled teen girls. Saet Byul walked up to him and asked him to buy cigarette for them, since they are underage.

Years later when she walked in to apply for part time, he is skeptical to even hire her. Before he can react, he passed out due to overworked and exhaustion. Wake up to see the dying business prosper.

Officially hired

Use time to change his perception, Saet Byul earned her recognition as the part timer and feels happy to be closer to him. To know that he has a girlfriend afterwards.

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After knowing that Dae Hyun has a girlfriend of 2 years, Saet Byul is sad and jealous at the same time. Yoo Yeon Joo (Han Sun Hwa) used to be Dae Hyun’s manager in the headquarter of the franchises convenience store his family is running.

Way out

Insecure Yeon Joo went to find out who Dae Hyun hired as part timer. After she knows that it is Saet Byul, he persure Dae Hyun to fire her and use her background as the excuse.

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Stuck in the middle, Dae Hyun see the business picking up after Saet Byul joins, but also wants to respect Yeon Joo’s suggestion. Yeon Joo is born with silver spoon, and even after 2 years of relationship with Dae Hyun, she never bring him home. Dae Hyun caught her lying and saw the director of convenience store Jo Seung Joon (Do Sang Woo) at her father’s birthday celebration instead.

Since Dae Hyun did not make it work, Yeon Joo went directly to Saet Byul at the hospital to warn her to spot sabotaging their relationship.

Resigned and homeless

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Reunited with her childhood friend, Kang Ji Wook is now a renowned actor in South Korea. Still Saet Byul calls him by pet name ‘puppy’ and did not treat him differently. Ji Wook is happy to see her again and since became her shining knight.

Saet Byul was conned by the real estate agency and they ran off with the deposit. Overnight, Saet Byul and her younger sister Jung Eun Byul (Sol Bin) became homeless and live in 24-hour sauna.

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Eun Byul escape her sister and made her way to sign with an agency for her idol debut. While Ji Wook found homeless Saet Byul and bring her home and provide her a shelter. Just a few days, Ji Wook’s manager found her living in his house and chase her out to save his reputation.


Yeon Joo’s mother found out that her precious daughter is dating a convenience store worker, she start to plot their break up. She start to use her money and fame to humiliate not only Dae Hyun, but his entire family.

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They finally broke up and when his parents realized the scheme, they feel terrible for their son.

Part timers

Dae Hyun’s mother Kong Boon Hee (Kim Sun Young) found out that Saet Byul was conned and living in the sauna. She brings her home and spare a bedroom for her. Not knowing that she resigned from the store, somehow Saet Byul end up working for Dae Hyun again.

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The headquarter wants to shoot a promotional video and linked up with Ji Wook. He request to be the 24-hour staff only at the same store Saet Byul works in. During the 24-hour, Ji Wook told Dae Hyun that he likes Saet Byul. That makes him realized his feelings for her.

Almost there

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When Dae Hyun is ready and confessed to Saet Byul, she did not accept immediately.The short happiness exist and after that Saet Byul disappear feeling that she will drag Dae Hyun’s future.

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Couple find their way back to their comfortable and happy zone.