Review: Barrack O’Karma


No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy, Horror

Native title: 金宵大廈
Original network: TVB

The entire flow of the drama is similar to Our Unwinding Ethos. I did not start it in the beginning since the trailer was really scary and feels like a horror show. Still, I’ve begun watching it eventually. However, it sort of leaves you a heavy heart.

Every 2 episodes are equivalent to one short story and the main leads’ story is a thread and throughout the entire drama. All of the short stories did not end with a happy ending but all involve supernatural beings.

I would say, even though the drama is the thread by different stories, it will be hard to understand if you only choose to watch a certain story.

The little stories

Episode 1-2: Dream 夢 (ft. Mandy Wong and Milkson Fong)
Episode 3-4: Baby 嬰 (ft. Candice Chiu, Fanny Ip, and Michael Wai)
Episode 5-6: Doll 娃 (ft. Geoffrey Albert Wong, Gloria Tang, Ricky Chan)
Episode 7-8: The Crow 鴉烏 (ft. Samantha Ko, Chan Ka Fai, Yiub Cheng Yiu-hin)
Episode 9-10: Different dreams 異夢
Episode 11-12: Eye on the wall 洞 (ft. Tammy Ouyang, Mark Ma)
Episode 13-14: 金丁 (ft. Zoie Tam, Billy Luk)
Episode 15-16: 美魔女 (ft. Stephen Wong, Akina Hong)
Episode 17-18: Simone (ft. Kelly Cheung, Jazz Lam)
Episode 19-20: Sleepwalking 夢遊 (guest appearance: Rosina Lam)

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Amongst all the short stories, I like the story on the Doll the most. Probably because it is the first drama that really inserted a little more depth on the interracial couple living in Hong Kong and their obstacles. Even the doll itself, the entire story is there to teach us to treasure people and spend time with family.

Bittersweet love

The lovers from different eras. Their love for each other is so deep that the impression and feeling linger even after reincarnation.

Alex 章瑋 / Coco (acted by Selena Li) is the female lead that lives in two different eras. Alex is a modern-day air stewardess and Coco is a hostess back in the 1960s. Siu Wei Ming 蕭偉明 (acted by Joel Chan) is the modern-day night security guard of the Golden Building and Lau Yuk Fai is the policeman back in the 1960s.

Review Barrack O 039 Karma

Back to 1960s linking by dreams

Coco is a hostess in the basement polish club in the Jin Siu Building 金宵大廈 which she met Yuk Fai the policeman and both fell in love.

Wei Ming living in the modern world kept dreaming about a mysterious woman that will randomly appear and disrupt his daily life. He was lead into the security job in Jin Siu Building. Wanting to find out the reason why he keeps dreaming of this woman his entire life.

To be fair, I feel like the romance between Coco and Wei Ming is the strongest. They both dreamt of each other.

I like the ending of the drama, how they manage to make it twist which caused all the butterfly effect that hits the modern world.

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