Review: Battle of the Seven Sisters

Battle of the Seven Sisters - TVB Drama

No. of episodes: 26
Genre: Family, Drama, Legal, Comedy

Native title: 七公主
Original network: TVB

A billionaire passed and left his will to seven daughters from different mothers. Each of them has their own mission and task to complete in order to inherit their part. From the legally married wife, he has three daughters, Alison Koo Ling Shan (Priscilla Wong), Koo Ching Tung (Samantha Ko), and Hailey Koo Sheng Yee (Kaman Kong). From another mother, Grace Koo Yu Ma (Rosina Lam) is the third daughter by age and the lost contact daughter.

The original family disputes

Battle Of The Seven Sisters Drama Poster

Alison Koo is one of the top barristers in the industry, but a cold and ruthless one. One of the cases was a traffic accident that claimed Grace’s husband’s life. At that moment, they are not aware that they are blood-related. Alison won the case but offended Grace indirectly.

Ching Tung has led astray during her rebellious teenage years and even gave birth to a daughter. Even before she can see her a few more times, Alison and their mother sent her off to the adoption center. Ever since Ching Tung rejects Alison in her life.

Hailey Koo is the youngest daughter in the family, being the youngest and neutral one, she lives abroad to further her studies and just came back. However, she did not graduate with a degree but keep it a secret from her sisters.

The missions

Battle Of The Seven Sisters Samantha O

Every daughter has a mission they need to complete in order to receive the inheritance, but not all of them will receive their mission together. Ching Tung’s mission is to get Grace out of her grieve and to increase her weight to a healthy level.

Grace’s mission is to get Alison a marriage partner which is hard as they are not even close, to begin with. After they know that Grace is their sister, Ching Tung and Grace enter a pact to help each other.

The 5th Daughter

Battle Of The Seven Sisters Jeannie Chan And Samantha Ko

Moon (Jeannie Chan) is the daughter of another mother, she keeps her identity a secret and secretly trying to sabotage the other sisters’ in life. Moon believes that her traumatic childhood was caused by her father and so her sisters don’t deserve to be blissful.

Two more siblings left

Matthew Szeto Pak (Gibert Lam Jian Xin) is the lawyer that Koo Pak Fong appointed and trusts. Jasmine Fong Chor Yu (Judy Kwong) is a bubbly apprentice working for Matthew. She is appointed to follow up on all the sisters’ progression.

Overall the plot is good but it is a slow build-up. TVB still managed to surprise us with an unexpected twist for the last two sisters.

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