Review: Be With You

Be With You, 好想和你在一起 Drama poster

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Art

Native title: 好想和你在一起
Original network: Tencent Video

The drama is about a young comic artist Qi Nian (Zhang Ya Qin) trying to find inspiration for her next project but no experience with relationships. She chances upon Ji Yan Xin (Ji Xiao Bing), a cold and arrogant professor and also an architect while bringing a lost dog to its owner.

At the moment of heart race, Qi Nian locked her target to Ji Yan Xin has an inspiration for her next comic. Ji Si Qi (Marcus Li) is Qi Nian’s housemate and became her assistant.

Ji Yan Xin and Qi Nian's first encounter. Be With You.
Ji Yan Xin and Qi Nian’s first encounter. Be With You.

Getting closer

Qi Nian locked down her target for the next project and took Yan Xin as the main lead for her comic but end up developed feelings for him. However, the chance of meeting a stranger for a second time is hard and it is harder when they are living in a big country like China. To track down the stranger, Qi Nian sent out a ‘Missing dog’ notice and a lead guide her to a local university.

Qi Nian became Yan Xin's teaching assistant. Be With You
Qi Nian became Yan Xin’s teaching assistant. Be With You

Qi Nian applied to be Yan Xin’s teaching assistant in a school that she doesn’t even go to so that she can observe better to create content. They on board on bus 520 (translate to ‘I love you’ in Chinese) at 5:20 PM and confessed to him under the public’s eyes. She did not expect an immediate response but told him from then onwards, she will go full on to court him.


Key and Qi Nian, housemate with similar interest. Be With You.
Key and Qi Nian, housemate with similar interest. Be With You.

Qi Nian and her housemate live under one roof but yet to bump into each other, they mistook each other of their same gender due to the decoration and habits. Turns out, Qi Nian’s housemate is a manga fanatic, a guy that loves pink and living in the pink romance bubble. Ji Si Qi aka Key (Marcus Li) is a runaway boy that wants to break free from the controlling older brother.

Key became Qi Nian’s assistant to produce the comic of her romance story. That is the beginning of Key’s unrequited love for Qi Nian until a famous comic artist Lu Qing Wu (Kylie Zhou) appear to steal this talent.

Dating and insecurities

New studio for Qi Nian. Be With You
New studio for Qi Nian. Be With You

Finally entered a relationship with Yan Xin, but he did warn Qi Nian that he is a control freak and hence his younger brother Key left him. Qi Nian envy that Key has a brother that guide him in life and that love is blind. Qi Nian and Yan Xin started dating but she feel insecure about their relationship and when a strong competitor enters, that cause even more problems.

Qi Nian finally enters her peak in her career but face problems when she found out Key is in love with her, and also another bigger company is trying to recruit him. Her courtship finally comes to an end but insecurities start to rise. Will Yan Xin able to give Qi Nian a sense of security and finally reach a happily ever after?

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