Review: Begin Again

Begin Again - 从结婚开始恋爱 - Cdrama

No. of episodes: 35
Genre: Contract Marriage, Business, Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 从结婚开始恋爱
Original network: Mango TV

A romance story between a dominating CEO Lu Fang Ning (Zhou Yu Tong) and a warm down-to-earth doctor Ling Rui (Simon Gong Jun), a marriage contract of 1 year tie them together, and eventually fell in love during the contract period.

Dominating CEO

Isn’t the usual male lead is the bossy and dominating figure, in this drama, the female lead plays the role.

Fang Ning is a capable CEO of a furniture empire, and to succeed the business from her father, she will need to settle down and do what a female should do. Her father wants her to get married and settle down, have a kid or two to complete her life as a female instead of working all her life.

Fang Ning’s brother was admitted to the hospital and she lay her eyes on the stranger doctor, Ling Rui after she accidentally barges in.

Target locked

Fan Ning start pursue Ling Rui. Begin Again.
Fan Ning start pursue Ling Rui. Begin Again.

Fang Ning locked down her marriage target and went to pursue Ling Rui. Knowing that Ling Rui is carrying a debt his family has, Fang Ning used that as the bait. However, she got rejected almost immediately.

One occasion leads Ling Rui to pick up the sick Fang Ning on the streets. Upon seeing her childhood photo, he immediately agrees to the 1-year marriage contract.

Ling Rui saw Fang Ning's childhood photo. Begin Again.
Ling Rui saw Fang Ning’s childhood photo. Begin Again.

Newly Wed

The wedding ceremony became a marketing gimmick for Fang Ning to promote her company. Obviously, they did not care since it is a show to the world, and the contract states that they have to be lovely dovely in front of others.

Ling Rui and Fang Ning's wedding night. Begin Again.
Ling Rui and Fang Ning’s wedding night. Begin Again.

Fang Ning want to turn the marriage into a real one and to raise their baby. She find 101 ways to convince Ling Rui but end up she was rejected every time.

In Love

Ling Rui agrees to the marriage after seeing Fang Rui’s childhood photo and remember her playing a major role in his childhood. Fang Rui remembers Ling Rui and they fell deeply in love.

Fang Ning and Ling Rui started dating after marriage. Begin Again.
Fang Ning and Ling Rui started dating after marriage. Begin Again.

A major crisis strikes Fang Ning’s company due to sabotage and it’s a revenge plan plot for years. Ling Rui scarifies his Germany researcher trip to stay by her side. Fang Ning lost the empire and after knowing Ling Rui’s scarifies for her, she left him of guilt.

6 years later

Fang Ning is back in the country with her 5 year old son, Lu You You (Ha Ni) who only see his father’s face through a dummy that Fang Ning made years ago.

Beginning of living together because of Youyou. Begin Again.
Beginning of living together because of Youyou. Begin Again.

Ling Rui is a successful and recognized doctor after he return from Germany. He bump into You You and after knowing he is his son, he went to find Fang Ning for an explanation.

Will they repair the missing years and their relationship? What happened during the 6 years?

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