Review: Big White Duel

Big White Duel, 2019 TVB medical drama.

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Medical, Politics, Romance

Original network: TVB
Native title: 白色強人

The drama is about the balance between politics and core in the healthcare industry. The focus and stories unveil from Ming Shing North Hospital in Hong Kong. The deputy head of the hospital Dr Yeung Yat To (Roger Kwok) is pushing to change the model of the hospital from public to private for years. Complication and difficult increases after Dr Tong Ming (Kenneth Ma) joins the hospital as he believes if the model changed, it will affect the poor’s accessibility to healthcare treatments.

Big White Duel Tongming Dryeung Medical Court

Daily mission

Not only focusing on one department, but we have a good coverage of how various departments under the healthcare system works hand in hand. Starting off with the A&E (accident and emergency) department.

“A&E is like the blood vessels in the hospital.”

Big White Duel
A Amp E Shut Down After A Suspect Case Of Mers Big White Duel
A&E shut down after a suspect case of MERS. Big White Duel.

Staff at A&E are accustom to hectic schedules and extremely fast pace. They are almost the front line of the front liners receiving countless case daily. How they react when there is a suspect case of MERS will definitely reminds you of all the wildfire viruses like SARs, H1N1 and more.

Even with blood vessels, we do need a beating heart to function. Cardiology department is as important in the drama than to A&E.

Medical Staff Faces A Dangerous Job Big White Duel
Medical staff faces a dangerous job. Big White Duel

When there is a need or emergency cases, the medical front line staff might be facing a more dangerous job.

Divorce and triangle relationship

Tong Ming and Zoe (Natalie Tong) divorced but reunited again when Tong Ming join the hospital. Zoe changed from a normal 9-6 GP doctor to an A&E doctor and the change pulls in the gap between her and Tong Ming.

Natalie Ali And Kenneth In A Triangle Relationship Big White Duel
Natalie, Ali and Kenneth in a triangle relationship. Big White Duel.

Kennis and Zoe are best friends but they fall for the same guy. Even so, that did not break their friendship and they can handle their emotions maturely.

Kennis’s secret

Kennis (Ali Lee) is a genius cardiologist and before Tong Ming joined the hospital, she was the sole successor to promote and lead the entire department. Time prove to Kennis that Tong Ming is really a skillful doctor that she can learn from.

Kennis Refuses To Receive Treatment Big White Duel
Kennis refuses to receive treatment. Big White Duel

Kennis hide the fact that her cancer relapse and refuses to receive treatment. As a doctor, she know what are the outcome and the possibility of full recovery if she receives treatment.

Doctor’s position

The long battle to change the hospital’s model will end in flavor to Dr Yeung? Or will he realized the initial purpose of choosing the path as a doctor and give up on it.

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